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Our Bali Trip

This is a bit of an unusual post for me but I’m writing from the villa we are staying in in Ubud. It’s amazing! We have spent 2 weeks in Bali (with our 2.5 year old) and have loved it so far. I’d definitely recommend travelling here with young children. The Balinese people are amazing with Sylvie, she’s definitely learnt to enjoy the attention! After arriving we spent 5 days in Seminyak, a bit further north from Kuta and Legian. I was nice, I’m not a massive fan of shopping. It’s a haven for the shopping types. The only thing…

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Giraffe: a free printable wall art

  Hello lovelies! Lately I’ve  been thinking about doing my daughter’s room. We have co-slept in our bed up until the last few weeks. She’s now gone into her own bed (and now we co-sleep there 😉 ) and I want to make her room a bit more special. I space just for her. I don’t really know what I want to do. I will make her a quilt, when I find or design a fabric range that I’m happy with. I have been wanting to add some wall art. I thought I’d play with Illustrator and make  a few different things…

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Live Your Best Life: A Free Downloadable Screensaver

I have to be honest, not much sewing has been happening in this house! I just haven’t had the sewing mojo. Instead I’ve been dreaming of repeating patterns and actually thinking about diving into making sewing patterns. So watch this space 😉 Anyway, to say thank you  for reading here is a screensaver for your computer. Just click and download and save it! LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE SCREENSAVER If you like this then sign up for my newsletter (just on the right sidebar) and I’ll send one straight to your inbox every month! Live your best life. LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE…

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Linden Sweatshirt by Grainline Studio

I have been thinking about getting my winter sewing list started for ages! I finally did it! I ordered this Linden Sweatshirt and the Ninot Jacket patterns from Indie Stitches about a month ago. After a trip to Melbourne for some fabric shopping with my good friend Rach, I had the perfect fabric, a thickish merino jersey from The Fabric Store. I imagined that it would be super warm but not overly thick, I was fairly right. It’s probably not as warm as I’d hoped, but still warm enough. I can wear it with a long sleeved top underneath on most days. This…

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Spring Garden Fabric Collection: with free iPhone wallpaper

It seems as though I can’t get enough of playing around with Illustrator and fabric design. I came up with my first collection, Brighter Days, after having a look around for a collection for Sylvie’s room. I have since made a pile of repeat patterns, some I like and others need more work, much more work 😉 As some of you know, I live in Australia , where it’s currently winter. I say it’s freezing but I know many of you have to deal with very harsh winters, when I say freezing I mean about 10 degrees. Anyway, being in…

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Bruyere Shirt from Deer & Doe

I have admired Deer and Doe for quite a while. I was always slightly put off by shipping from Europe. I don’t know why, I’m more than happy to buy from the US but just kept putting it off. Finally, after seeing so many beautiful garments made from them, I placed my first order. I ordered the Bruyere Shirt (obviously) and the Aubepine Dress. There are a few more that I wanted but I kept it to the two, some self control was needed! I haven’t ever really been in to wearing shirts. I know they have been popular in…

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Brighter Days: my first play with fabric design

Like many of you, I love to sew with beautiful fabrics. I  love to turn pieces of material into garments, quilts, bags or anything really. I love to then wear or use these things and admire the fabric combination, and I especially love when someone make a comment and appreciates the work that has gone into the project. My point is, I love fabric! I have always wondered who designs it? How do they come up with some many beautiful designs? How do they do it?!?! With my new-found love of Illustrator, after doing the Pattern Workshop course, I wondered what…

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The Wrap Skirt: A Free Pattern, Sizes XS-XL

Way back in May we celebrated Mother’s Day and I decided to  buy the Pattern Workshop from Lauren Dahl. I have learnt so much about pattern making and I’ve been sucked in and totally addicted to Illustrator! It has actually taken up most of my sewing time over the past month, hence it’s been a little quieter here than normal. I think my husband is totally over seeing me on the computer! As a result, I’ve made a pattern! I thought I’d make a simple pattern to practice all the things that I’ve learnt and share it. It’s called ‘The…

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The Brumby Skirt by Megan Nielsen

A while back I made the decision to not do anymore pattern testing. I have done a ton of them! Whilst I do enjoy the process, I found that it was a bit time consuming and stressful. Almost the next day, Megan Nielsen put a call out! I had to apply! I mean, she is the reason I initially got so involved in sewing. I think I stumbled across her blog and patterns when I first realised there is a massive online sewing community. Up until then, I thought you HAD to use the big 4 companies. Oh how my…

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DIY: Fabric Necklaces

  To be honest, traditionally I’m not much of a necklace wearer but since having a little one I’ve found that they jazz up a boring outfit and provide some entertainment for her. I love that a simple black top and jeans can be brightened up with colourful jewellery. With plenty of fabric to choose from, I decided to make some of these long fabric beaded necklaces. They are super simple and only take a half hour or so to make. Perfect for beginners. Supplies: 1/4 yard fabric, quilting cotton if perfect. 20 or so beads or marbles thread sewing…

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