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Spring Garden Fabric Collection: with free iPhone wallpaper


It seems as though I can’t get enough of playing around with Illustrator and fabric design. I came up with my first collection, Brighter Days, after having a look around for a collection for Sylvie’s room. I have since made a pile of repeat patterns, some I like and others need more work, much more work 😉

As some of you know, I live in Australia , where it’s currently winter. I say it’s freezing but I know many of you have to deal with very harsh winters, when I say freezing I mean about 10 degrees. Anyway, being in winter I tend to daydream of days where the sun hits your face and warms your body. When you can get out without rugging up, maybe even with bare arms. These thoughts of spring get me through the cold and darker days of winter (that sounds very dramatic I know!). I started working on this collection with that feeling in mind. Really, spring isn’t too far away and I’m so looking forward to blooming gardens and leaves reappearing.

So, here it is! And again, like I said last time, I feel insanely nervous about sharing this with the world. I’m definitely not an ‘arty’ person!

**I’ve also made an iPhone wallpaper that you can download here for free**

Spring Garden Floral Fabric floral-fabric-dots floral-leaves-pink-and-white-for-the-web GREEN-ARROWS

These will be available on Spoonflower soon. Enjoy

Deanna xoxox


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