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Our Bali Trip

This is a bit of an unusual post for me but I’m writing from the villa we are staying in in Ubud. It’s amazing! We have spent 2 weeks in Bali (with our 2.5 year old) and have loved it so far. I’d definitely recommend travelling here with young children. The Balinese people are amazing with Sylvie, she’s definitely learnt to enjoy the attention!

After arriving we spent 5 days in Seminyak, a bit further north from Kuta and Legian. I was nice, I’m not a massive fan of shopping. It’s a haven for the shopping types. The only thing I did get super excited about was the morning spent fabric shopping in Denpasar. It was heaven. Beautiful fabric at amazing prices. The best kind of shopping.

Below are cottons in the first pic and rayon in the second. I have to add that most of wardrobe that I brought with me has been homemade. My 3 pairs of Luna Pants (Made by Rae) have been the best!

fabric-bali fabric-bali-2
We were lucky enough to have some family here that have Balinese connections and had a wonderful driver to use. The highlight was Uluwatu in the south. The beach
was glorious and perfect for the surfing type, again, that’s not me.


The great thing is, is that we still have another few days and then head to Nusa Lembongan, a small island off the east coast of Bali. I hear the beaches resemble that of Uluwatu, we are pretty excited to check it out!

Our driver, Blackie, drove us up to Ubud and we’ve now been here almost a week. I have to say that Ubud has a special place in my heart. We are staying in a beautiful villa, overlooking the rice terraces (the photo below is looking out from our lounge room). It’s so peaceful and not that far into town. I feel the most relaxed I have in a very long time. I didn’t really know how stressed and wound up I had been!
Another of the highlights here was a water park called Splash. Sylvie thought it was the bees knees! It was awesome. Mark and I were like kids, going on all the ‘scary’
watersides. Fun times.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this trip but I am looking forward to sewing when I get home!

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