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Hello and Welcome!

This is my little space in the world where I share mainly my sewing projects, some sewing patterns and tutorials and a new interest of mine, fabric design. You’ll also get odd bits and pieces about my life. I hope you enjoy!

Seeing as though this is the ‘About’ page, I’m assuming you want to  know a bit about me and the blog!

I live in Sale, Victoria Australia with my husband and daughter, Sylvie. She’ll be turning 2 soon and I just can’t believe how quickly time is going! We love watching her grow and figure the world out, tantrums and all!

When I’m not in my sewing room or playing with Sylvie (housework can wait!) I’m working at my ‘other’ job. I’m a chiropractor and love it, it’s such a wonderful profession. I do however, love being creative and I guess that’s how this blog started. I had just had Sylvie (actually I think I was waiting for her to arrive at 42 weeks!) and started it as a way to get involved in the sewing community. I didn’t have a massive real life community to get all carried away with sewing talk and sharing projects so Patterns & Projects was born.

I love sharing projects, and love to see what everyone else is making. The blogosphere is full of amazing creatives that have so  much share! I hope that I can inspire someone (hopefully at least one!) to get involved and grab a sewing machine and get going! It’s really not that hard, I’m not just saying that! There are wonderful blogs, tutorials, fabrics, sewing patterns out there for every level sewist. I recently heard Christine Haynes ‘if you can sew a straight line, then you can sew a garment’. It’s so true!

A few FAQs

What sewing machine do I use?

I use a Janome Memory Craft. It’s a computerised basic machine. Believe me when I say though, that you really only need a basic machine to get started. If you don’t know if it’s for you then even borrow one (your mum should have one somewhere). In the beginning you really only need to be able to sew straight and zig zag stitches. If you have realised that sewing is going to be a part of your life then I’d spend what you can afford. Just keeping in mind that you will probably have the machine for many years so you don’t want to outgrow it too quickly.

Where do I get my sewing patterns?

I find patterns all over the place. I buy a lot directly from blogs as PDF patterns. Over the years I’ve bought PDFs from Christine Haynes, SewCaroline, Amy Butler,  Mouse House Creations, Shwin and Shwin, and Make it perfect. I’m sure there’s plenty more (I have a rather large collection)!

I buy all of my hard copy patterns from Indie Stitches, an Australian based business run by Caitlan. She’s lovely and will be more than happy to help you out!

I also have a growing collection of vintage patterns. I mainly get them from op shops or Etsy.

Where do I buy fabric?

In Australia I’ve found that it can be quite limiting to what’s available, although I think that it’s changing slowly. My favourite fabric spots are The Fabric Store, Tessuti, Keleni fabric, Hawthorne Threads and sometimes even Spotlight (I’m very picky there though!) at times.

How do I find the time?

I have to say, I’d like to spend more time crafting but I have commitments, like feeding myself and family, work, exercise, playing, housework etc. I’m extremely lucky that I have a very supportive husband. He often takes Sylvie on a Saturday morning for daddy/daughter time and I sew. Other than that, I try to get things done of an evening. Evenings are often spent preparing projects (tracing, fabric matching etc), writing, fabric designing or pattern making. I don’t put strict expectations on myself, I find I get way too frustrated. I’m all for acknowledging that you can only do what you can do. I try not to waste too much time though. Time can be found if it’s a priority!

I’m glad you stopped by! Grab a cup of coffee and stay to have a look around!

By far my most popular posts are the tutorials, head over and have a look.

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Feel free to email me at if you have any questions, I’d love to hear from you!

Deanna xoxo


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